Command replaces commercial gaskets, giving cooler doors new life.  A new gasket improves sealing.  Cooler gaskets ensure that your refrigerator doors stay tightly closed.  Freezer gaskets in good condition are an essential component in maintaining proper food temperatures.  Refrigeration gaskets that don't seal properly can cost big money in cooler compressor repairs, trip charges, and high emergency repair fees.
Refrigeration gasket replacement for restaurants.
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Gaskets:  Command has the largest variety of gaskets in stock in the Twin Cities area.  Our gaskets are made in the USA, and we ship nationwide.

Hardware:  We fix broken door handles, latches, hinges, strikes, bushings, thresholds, jams, walk-in walls and floors, you name it.

Thermal strip curtains:  Most people are unaware of the extreme thermal loss from cooler doors left open.  Thermal strip curtains are inexpensive (about $125 for an average door) and can dramatically reduce this cost.

Doors:  Over time, cooler doors get warped or damaged from repeated striking with carts.  Replacement doors are very costly - unless you get yours from Command.  Our prices come in at 40-50% less than most other replacements.

Wayfinding signage:  Yes, we do signage too.  Don't let your brand be tarnished by faded, peeling, or missing signs.  Talk to Command about how we can keep your brand looking fresh.
Products:  Whether we install for you in Minnesota, or we ship to you with instructions for easy DIY installation, you'll always find great prices on gaskets and hardware with Command.  Kitchen hardware that is operating as it should always saves money, and encourages employees to be conscientious about equipment care and maintenance.
Most gaskets are priced according to our simple, standard price guide.

Drawers:  $32
Undercounter units:  $42
Full door units:  $66
Walk-in coolers:  $82